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After many years of research and development, Ten Oaks Flooring created its industry-leading “Six Side Seal.” The seal is a patented technology wherein all six sides of each individual piece of flooring is coated with a proprietary urethane moisture barrier. The seal acts as a protective layer around the entire piece of flooring from manufacturing to installation and beyond.

The seal allows you to reduce installation lead time by reducing the acclimation time. As long as your job meets NWFA installation recommendations (including having the HVAC system up and running) all you need to do is unload your Ten Oaks Sealed flooring (unfinished or prefinished) and start laying it.

The seal acts as a protective barrier, protecting the floor from jobsite stains before sanding, and from other dangers commonly found on job sites, such as drywall screws, paint drops, and furniture scuffs. It also provides a physical barrier to wood-eating insects.

The seal locks in the “look” of each piece so that an installer can know what the piece will actually look like in the floor prior to final installation, saving your floor from having an eyesore in the middle of the floor after sanding and finishing. This also allows for increased accuracy in milling and truer grading, and less “overwood.”

The seal reduces the likelihood of warping, cupping, and cracking due to exposure to moisture while also minimizing and isolating damage from underfloor leaks.

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