Sanding Schedule

Recommended Sanding and Finishing Schedule for Ten Oaks’ Six Side Seal© Unfinished Flooring:

  • No acclimation time is required before installation. Your floor’s protective moisture barrier provides protection for job sites that meet NWFA job site conditions.
  • Finishing the hardwood floor should essentially be the last job of a construction project.
  • Do not begin sanding the floor unless you are ready to quickly follow with a coat of finish ON THE SAME DAY.
  • Always wear personal protective equipment when sanding (eye protection and dust masks).
  • Inspect the floor carefully and tighten any loose boards by face nailing.
  • Counter-sink or remove any protruding nails. Fill nail holes with matching wood filler.
  • For a natural polyurethane finish:
    • Sand with 60 grit, then with 80 or 100 grit (your preference), followed by an optional 100 grit screen (only if the sanding job requires).
  • • For a natural water base or stain finish:
      Sand with 60 grit, then 100 grit, followed by a 100 grit screen (or 120 or 150 grit per your preference). Then coat or stain the floor.

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